Pigging out :))
Aliw na aliw ako sa bunga ng puno na to .. sayang lang at hindi ako nag ka chance kunin silang lahat at gawing unan ^__^ #bulak (at lipa batangas)
Posted on April/3/2014
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Sana weekends na #playtime
Posted on March/20/2014
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<3 Blessed Tuesday #victorymakati
Pasintabi seselfie lang >:))
“Maybe there aren’t any such things as
good friends or bad friends - maybe there
are just friends, people who stand by you
when you’re hurt and who help you feel
not so lonely. Maybe they’re always worth
being scared for, and hoping for, and
living for. Maybe worth dying for too, if
that’s what has to be. No good friends. No
bad friends. Only people you want, need
to be with; people who build their houses
in your heart”
—  Stephen King
Year end meet ups ^__^


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